• A Day in the Life

    Hayley, Sophomore
    Leigh's class is super interesting. I enjoy this class because we learn how history shapes our world today. It's nice to discuss things like this in class, because I wouldn't really hear about this stuff any other way. Right now we are learning about the World Wars and how they have changed the world we live in.  This is one of my favorite classes and Leight is great teacher!
    Hayley 1


    Hayley 2


    9:30-10:20  GEOMETRY
    10:25-11:15  WORLD STUDIES
    11:15-11:30  BREAK
    11:30-11:50  CORE
    11:55-12:45  ENGLISH II
    12:45-1:25  LUNCH
    1:25-2:15  CHEMISTRY
    2:20-3:10  ASL I
    3:10 End of the day