• A Day in the Life

    Hayley, Sophomore

    My Core teacher is Jonah. We got to look at our report cards today before they get mailed to our parents. I like that because we can talk to our Core teacher about anything that seems incorrect. I'm happy with my grades, but I know I could be doing better. I thought I was missing a few assignments in Geometry and I missed a quiz in Chemistry, so that showed up on my incomplete report. Luckily, missing work doesn't get counted against me-we just get credit and grades for work that we have done. My best friend is in Core, so we made some plans to see a movie and get dinner on Friday night! Can't wait!
    Hayley 4

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    9:30-10:20  GEOMETRY
    10:25-11:15  WORLD STUDIES
    11:15-11:30  BREAK
    11:30-11:50  CORE
    11:55-12:45  ENGLISH II
    12:45-1:25  LUNCH
    1:25-2:15  CHEMISTRY
    2:20-3:10  ASL I
    3:10 End of the day