Board of Trustees

The Mid-Pen Board of Trustees is entrusted with the stewardship of the institution so that it remains strong and vital for the next generation of students. All volunteers, Mid-Pen trustees are the custodians of the school. They hold "in trust" the school mission and work to ensure its long term success. Trustees, even those whose children did not attend the school, have a responsibility to create "their children's children's school."

The work of the Board of Trustees begins with ensuring the school's financial health and includes planning, policies, and strategies that are future-focused. The Board does not focus on daily operations, which are delegated to the Head of School. Its purview includes the following:

  • Setting high-level policies.
  • Hiring, supporting, and evaluating the Head of School.
  • Planning for and supporting the future of the school.
  • Leading the financial support of the school.
  • Evaluating the performance of the school.

The Board entrusts the Head of School with supervision of all operations, programs, and personnel. The Head of School is the final arbiter of any disputes that may arise, including those involving parent issues or student disciplinary actions. The Board of Trustees does not sit in review of administrative decisions.

2023-2024 Members of the Board of Trustees