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Agile Force COVID-19 Testing

Mid-Pen has partnered with Agile Force to provide weekly PCR COVID-19 tests on the Mid-Pen campus.This service will be available to all of our students, their immediate families, and our staff. 

To protect the health and safety of our community, we require a COVID-19 test for any student or staff member coming onto campus for our student gatherings. If you don’t plan on attending these events, you will not need to undergo testing.

Individuals cannot come to this test date if they have traveled outside of the state or country within 14 days of the test date.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 testing takes place every Friday at Mid-Pen. To ensure our process runs smoothly, please make sure to do the following:

  1. Schedule Your COVID-19 Test. If more than one individual in your immediate family will be tested, please schedule one time slot per family member. Please sign up by January 12. Clicking on the link will take you to Agile Force’s scheduler. It will ask you to pick a time on January 19, and then it will ask for some basic information. If the individual receiving the COVID-19 test is uninsured,, please print out and complete an Uninsured Patient Form.
  2. Print and fill out the Patient Test Request Form.
  3. If necessary, print and complete an Uninsured Patient Form.
  4. Bring all paperwork, including a photocopy of your health insurance card, to the testing site on the day of testing. You will turn these documents into the technician conducting the test.

If you have questions about Mid-Pen’s COVID-19 testing plan or need assistance with signing up for a test, please contact Jorge Rodriguez, Mid-Pen's COVID-19 Testing Coordinator, via email at

Test Location

COVID-19 testing will be conducted in Mid-Pen’s gym. You may park in Mid-Pen’s parking lot and walk to the testing location; staff will be on campus to direct you.

As a reminder, please wear a multi-layer mask to campus and leave it on until the technician asks you to remove it.