Faculty & Staff

Alexandra Arguello

(she/her/hers), Director of Finance

Jon Austin

(he/him/his), Spanish & World Studies Teacher, Community Service Coordinator

Meenu Baloda

(she/her/hers), Science Teacher

Elaine Barry

(she/her/hers), Learning Specialist

Alan Cameron

(he/him/his), History Teacher, Cross Country Coach

Fatima Currimbhoy

(she/her/hers), ASL Teacher

Carrie Dungan

(she/they), Director of the Enrichment Center

Karen Eshoo

(she/her/hers), Head of School

Stacie Foreman

(she/her/hers), Front Office Coordinator & Registrar

Gerry Fortain

(he/him/his), Math Teacher

Gavin Harris

(he/him/his), Director of Operations

Kurt Heise

(he/him/his), History Teacher

Cory Huttenga

(he/him/his), English Teacher

Randy Johnson

(he/him/his), Director of Admissions

Kurt Lange

(he/him/his), Athletic Director, PE Teacher

Laurie Miller

(she/her/hers), English Teacher

Michelle Mosman

(she/her/hers), Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Robbie Nero-Young

(she/her/hers), Office Assistant

David Oliver

(he/him/his), Science Teacher

Jorge Rodriguez

(he/him/his), Director of Teaching, Learning, & Equity

Raul Salazar

(he/him/his), Spanish Teacher, Facilities Associate

Anne Marie Schar

(she/her/hers), Director of Technology

Heidi Schiessler

(she/her/hers), Assistant Head of School

Jamie Schiessler

(she/her/hers), Associate Director of Admissions

Edward Stern

(he/him/his), Executive Functions Coach

Jameson Swanagon

(he/him/his), Music Teacher

Tara Theobald-Anderson

(they/them/theirs), English Teacher

Henry Trevor

(he/him/his), Director of Development

Lesly Vazquez

(she/her/ella), Art Teacher

Ethan Weker

(he/him/his), Math Teacher

Wendi Wells

(she/her/hers), School Counselor

Shelley Willig

(she/her/hers), College Advisor

Faculty Spotlight