Faculty & Staff

Alexandra Arguello

(she/her/hers), Director of Finance

Jon Austin

(he/him/his), Spanish & World Studies Teacher, Community Service Coordinator

Meenu Baloda

(she/her/hers), Science Teacher

Elaine Barry

(she/her/hers), Learning Specialist

Angélica Camacho

(she/her/hers), Learning Specialist

Alan Cameron

(he/him/his), History Teacher, Cross Country Coach

Ann Diederich

(she/her/hers), Communications Manager

Carrie Dungan

(she/they), Director of the Enrichment Center

Karen Eshoo

(she/her/hers), Head of School

Stacie Foreman

(she/her/hers), Front Office Coordinator & Registrar

Gerry Fortain

(he/him/his), Math Teacher

Kurt Heise

(he/him/his), History Teacher

Cory Huttenga

(he/him/his), English Teacher

Randy Johnson

(he/him/his), Director of Admissions

Kurt Lange

(he/him/his), Athletic Director, PE Teacher

Eleazar Madrid

(he/him/his), Director of Facilities

Laurie Miller

(she/her/hers), English Teacher

Michelle Mosman

(she/her/hers), Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Robbie Nero-Young

(she/her/hers), Office Assistant

David Oliver

(he/him/his), Science Teacher

Jorge Rodriguez

Director of Teaching, Learning, & Equity

Raul Salazar

Facilities Associate

Anne Marie Schar

Director of Technology

Heidi Schiessler

Assistant Head of School

Jamie Schiessler

Associate Director of Admissions

Edward Stern

Executive Functions Coach

Jameson Swanagon

Music Teacher

Tara Theobald-Anderson

English Teacher

Henry Trevor

Director of Development

Lesly Vazquez

Art Teacher

Ethan Weker

Math Teacher

Wendi Wells

School Counselor

Shelley Willig

College Advisor

Faculty Spotlight