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Online Learning: Tips to Reduce Eye Fatigue

Teens are staring at a digital screen more than ever. And if we’re honest, so are most adults! With more screen time comes eye fatigue. We need to give our eyes a rest. Read on for tips to reduce eye strain.

Alum Nisha Husain on Leaving Her Mark at Mid-Pen

When Mid-Pen alum Nisha Husain was in her senior year, she knew she wanted to leave her mark on campus through her art. If you spend time walking around the campus, you'll spot her contributions not on the walls, but in the air and on the floor.

Mid-Pen Campus Closure Update

Mid-Pen will continue our distance learning program through May 1. Please keep in mind that the state ordered Shelter in Place currently does not have an end date, and this, combined with ongoing developments to prevent the spread of COVID-19, means distance learning may extend beyond May 1.

Mid-Pen Online Tip: Set Boundaries

You’ve set up your workspace, and you’ve finished your first day of online learning. Hopefully you have a better idea of what will keep you focused, and what will distract you! Now it’s time for you to set some boundaries...for yourself!

Mid-Pen Online Tip: Create Your Workspace!

Students around the country are gearing up for a very different week ahead as schools shift to online learning during the COVID-19 health crisis. At Mid-Pen, we know this change to Mid-Pen online will be an adjustment for all of us! 

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing tips to build positive online learning habits.