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The Truth About Vaping: Images Don't Lie

Motivational speaker Robb Holladay visited with Mid-Pen students last week for an educational assembly, Clear the Fog. As Dragons learned, the truth about vaping is in the medical images that reveal its impact on the human body.

8 Tips for a Smooth College Application Season

While high school seniors await responses from prospective colleges, sophomores and juniors are in the early preparation stages of designing their college application path. Mid-Pen hosted its annual College Information Night on Wednesday to help the school’s tenth and eleventh-grade families better understand the application process.

Dragon Talk about Video-Sharing App TikTok

Move over, Instagram. There’s a social media app that’s taking teen screen time to a new level. It’s called TikTok, and its popularity is growing by the second (we couldn’t resist the pun). We’re sharing five things to know about this video-sharing app.

A Mid-Pen Minute: The Flame Lab

It’s not every day that you’re allowed to play with fire at school, but Dragons in David Oliver’s fifth-period chemistry class recently made flames in the name of science. In a Mid-Pen Minute, Dragons observe the characteristic colors produced by specific metallic ions when vaporized in a flame.

DragonWeek 2020: A Look Back

All Dragons are back on campus this week, and we're still reliving the magical moments of DragonWeek 2020.