Dragons Innovate in the Arts

On Friday, May 12, Mid-Pen’s Night of the Arts showcased Dragon talent in various forms of creative expression. The halls were lined with a range of styles of fine art. The music ensembles, which created such a buzz with their masterful performances at The Guild, reprised their hits for an audience that included new families joining the community in the Fall. Thespians Sophia, Baz, and Devin delivered a hilarious excerpt of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged.  

Innovative offerings included students demonstrating the emerging art of painting and sculpting in virtual reality, and a composition created by Precalculus students Kate, Olivia, and Maisy, using matrices to create 12-tone music in the style of the second Viennese school of early 20th-century serialism, demonstrating how engaging linear algebra can be with creative and interdisciplinary students. Fortunately, no guest leaned up against our new mural, which was a mighty good thing because student artists continued to refine this work in progress, adding exquisite details right up until event time.