Dragons Proud of Track Star

Junior Bryce Lawson placed first in the long jump at our League (PSAL) championship track meet in San Mateo with a leap of 20 feet 4 inches (shown in video below)!  He also placed 2nd in the 100-meter dash at 11.67 seconds. Both finishes qualified him for the Central Coast Section (CCS) trials held at Gilroy High School last Saturday. This meet included all of the schools from the Central Coast, regardless of size, and fellow Dragons were excited to travel to Gillroy to cheer Bryce on as he delivered impressive results. He went into the meet with the 30th best jump and finished 18th with a jump of 20 feet 7 inches, his best this season. He would have needed to finish in the top 12 to advance to the CCS Finals. 

Coaches Alan Cameron and Kurt Lange were incredibly proud of Bryce’s accomplishments this year and anticipate seeing him continue his trajectory, qualifying for the Finals next year. While both coaches are highly seasoned, neither had specialization in Bryce’s specific events, so he put to use a skill he built pursuing other passions … searching out the most helpful YouTube tutorials to guide him. He also used this approach to teach himself piano, saxophone, and drums, as well as to explore various areas of science. His mother, Cherie Lawson, described how Bryce’s detailed powers of observation enable him to break down a process and execute each component with excellence, from sports, to school work, to music and art. Cherie also pointed to the vital role inspiration and support from Mid-Pen teammates played in Bryce's growth and accomplishments.