Dragons Rock Premier Music Venue

On Monday, May 8, all six Mid-Pen music ensembles performed under the direction of music teacher Jameson Swanagon in the renovated former movie palace turned concert hall known as The Guild. Built in the 1920s, The Guild underwent a $35 million renovation and reopened last year as a premier venue for live music, attracting world-class talent with spectacular sound and lighting systems.

Each of the six ensembles rocked the house, performing compositions they collaborated to arrange with Swanagon in a manner that incorporated every Dragon who wanted to participate, from the virtuoso to the student just beginning to explore their musical talents. The ensembles played a wide range of styles, from Amy Winehouse to Glen Campbell to The Strokes, culminating in a rousing rendition of Zeppelin’s Over the Hills and Far Away. 

At the close of the evening, the music students expressed appreciation for this extraordinary experience, with Senior Kate B. capturing the general sentiment saying, “This is the best music program I have ever been in in my entire life and I am forever grateful”.