Inspired Learning
DragonWeek Returns to Mid-Pen!

DragonWeek is Mid-Pen’s intersession where students pursue personal interests and take part in real-world learning opportunities through ungraded, immersive experiences in the arts, humanities, science, and technology. We held our first DragonWeek in 2020 right before the pandemic, and our students and staffulty waited patiently for this learning adventure to return in 2022!

Students were able to select from a course of nine staffulty-led offerings—from launching rockets to writing songs, welding to solving a crime—that they could take just for fun. The intersession was held from April 4 through April 11, right before spring break. While some courses were primarily held on campus, others involved field trips around the Bay Area to visit museums, craft and tech centers, and even a coroner's office and morgue.

Dragons in Alan Cameron's senior elective history course could finally travel abroad to Ireland. with stops in Dublin, KilKenny, the Wicklow Hills, and Connemara. They blended history, culture, and experiential learning while visiting locations that they learned about throughout the school year—and created Mid-Pen memories to last a lifetime.

Press Play on the above video for a recap. You can also watch more DragonWeek moments shared on our Instagram account, @midpendragons.