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Mid-Pen Online Tip: Create Your Workspace!

​Students around the country are gearing up for a very different week ahead as schools shift to online learning during the COVID-19 health crisis. At Mid-Pen, we know this change to Mid-Pen online will be an adjustment for all of us! 

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing tips to build positive online learning habits.

“Many of us have never worked from home for extended periods before,” said Kate Waffle, Mid-Pen’s Literary Advancement teacher. “These tips will help you stay on track, separate work life from home life, and keep your mental and physical health in good order.”

Today’s tip: Create a workspace for your school day.

  • Set up a workstation with everything you need––office supplies, snacks, water––before your online classes start. Remember, your first class at Mid-Pen Online begins at 9:30 am.

  • Your workstation should be for work, not sleeping! “As tempting as it is, your bed is not where you should spend all day and all night,” said Kate. “Your brain will shift into work mode by getting up and moving to your work spot.”

  • Keep your workspace organized! Whether it’s a table or a desk, it’s helpful to keep it neat so you can easily find what you need for each class. 

  • Make a work music playlist for moments. You’ll be meeting online with your classes daily, but you’ll also have time to work alone. If music motivates you, a playlist will help! “Do what works for you...your brain will learn to equate that playlist with work,” said Kate.

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