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Mid-Pen Online Tip: Set Boundaries

You’ve set up your workspace, and you’ve finished your first day of online learning. Hopefully you have a better idea of what will keep you focused, and what will distract you! Now it’s time for you to set some boundaries...for yourself!

Today’s Tip: Set boundaries

  • Post your school schedule on the outside of your door or a wall near your workspace so others can see it. It will remind everyone in your family that you are in class and working, and it will help you stay on track too! If you need a printable copy of Mid-Pen’s class schedule, click here.

  • Keep your cell phone OUTSIDE your workspace during class time, so you aren’t distracted by social messages/games. We know this one will be tough—you’ll say you can keep it near you and not get pulled away by the lure that Snap or text. But you will. FOMO--fear of missing out--is real. And digital distraction isn’t a teenage thing; adults face the same problem! Try to use your phone only during breaks, at lunch, and after school. Challenge your classmates and friends to do the same! If you’re all off your phones, you’ll be supporting each other.

  • Take breaks. At school, you used breaks to socialize, get fresh air, play foosball, or pet a dog. Do that at home. Move your body. Screen fatigue is really! Your eyes are working hard when you’re staring at a screen. So please give them a rest by taking screen breaks...and yes, that includes not looking at your phone or gaming device. (Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing eye exercises soon!)

  • Watch out for hyper-focusing. One hour of gaming––or watching TikTok videos––can quickly become eight!

  • Go HOME. It’s just as important to stop work as it is to start. When you’ve finished your school day, leave your workstation, and step away from school email. Come back only if you need to do your homework.

Special thanks to Kate Waffle, Mid-Pen’s Literary Advancement teacher, for contributing to this tip!