College Prep, Less Stress

Teacher with students in the classroom

Students Collaborate in a Science Lab using Mid-Pen Online

A Mid-Pen student stayed home today but didn’t miss out on a science lab in teacher Meenu Baloda’s class.

Schools around the Bay Area have been preparing for potential closures related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Here at Mid-Pen, we were able to practice using our online learning tools in real-time this week. The class is connected virtually through Google Meetings.

In this particular lab, students observed isopod behaviors. The isopod used? Roly polies! Dragons worked in groups to design their experiments. The roly polies were placed in plastic trays, and within each tray, students created three different environments: light versus dark, wet versus dry, and apples versus oranges. They observed the isopods for 10-minutes and noted how they responded to certain stimuli and which environments they preferred. The Dragon who participated remotely was able to make observations while her lab partner held an iPhone over the trays.

As our school campus closes and students transition to Mid-Pen Online until April 3, we’ll see more virtual collaboration amongst our students over the next few weeks!

The Mid-Pen community sends our Dragon support to the schools in the Bay Area as we all adapt to our changing environments.