College Prep, Less Stress

Teacher with students in the classroom


Dedicated to the belief that all students belong with expert and compassionate teachers, Mid-Peninsula High School empowers students with the knowledge and purpose to impact a complex world.

College Prep, Less Stress

The 21st century’s proverbial “race to nowhere” has shifted the emphasis from learning to arbitrary notions of “rigor.” Competitiveness has replaced collaboration, and anxiety has replaced self-confidence. For 40 years, Mid-Peninsula High School has successfully inspired students along their individual paths to college in a supportive manner that de-emphasizes stress and emphasizes a love of learning.  

Access to Co-Curricular Programs

Smaller schools are sometimes limited in their ability to provide mainstream programs for students interested in sports, arts, or music. At Mid-Pen, we provide all students with these opportunities by offering competitive no-cut athletics and comprehensive arts, music, and drama programs, inviting students to play a significant role in the life of their school.

Creative and Adaptive Approach

When high schools teach without considering the various stimulating ways to engage students, and the many ways in which students learn, the results are disinterested students rather than critical thinkers and problem solvers. We provide a collaborative, creative environment that challenges and stimulates students in their classes, relationships, and activities.

Small School, Big Benefits

Large public high schools fail to support a diverse student population and have become a one-size-fits-all proposition—kids who don’t fit the “one-size” get lost in the shuffle. At Mid-Pen, our students are afforded close relationships with their teachers and each other in a close-knit environment that would not be possible in a larger school. We are committed to providing students with individualized attention that empowers them to realize their full potential as learners and people.

Diversity Leads to Educational Excellence

When schools prioritize diversity and inclusivity, the result is an enriched school culture. Moreover, diverse perspectives bring about deeper understanding and closer connections in the classroom. Our campus serves an intentionally diverse student body where students thrive academically and socially by virtue of the richness that surrounds them.

Core: The Heart of Our Program

Every Mid-Peninsula student is assigned a Core Teacher, who serves as academic advisor, guidance counselor, advocate, community builder, and family contact. Core meets every day, giving students an opportunity to set goals, understand and develop their unique learning styles, strategize with their teachers about progress toward graduation and college, think about life beyond Mid-Pen, and obtain support, counsel, information, and referrals. Think of Core Teachers as your student’s partner in learning.