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Visitu Health Screening App

Mid-Pen is using a health screening app, Visitu, to pre-screen students and staff their arrival to campus on hybrid learning days. 

Download the App

Parents/guardians AND students coming to campus should download the Visitu to their mobile device.  Instructions to install the app are available in English and SpanishPlease use your email address to set up the app. Each student is registered in our database using their school email. If your child does not have a mobile phone, parents can still complete the survey, and Mid-Pen will access the results.

How It Works

Before leaving home, all parents/guardians will be asked to complete the Visitu online daily health assessment for their child. You will be asked a series of questions about CDC-established symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.

Complete the survey using the Visitu app. Answering the survey will trigger a QR code on the student's app:

  • If the QR code is GREEN, the student will use the QR code to swipe at kiosks at the entry points for the school. 
  • If the QR code is RED, the student should not come to campus until they receive further instructions from Mid-Pen's Front Office.

Parents/guardians will receive a reminder email at 8 am if they have not yet completed the health survey on the Visitu app. They can complete the survey using the link provided in the email.

Using Visitu for the First Time

On Thursday, August 19, the Visitu app will tell you that you have a survey to complete. This survey will ask you to acknowledge that you have read our Safe Return to School Plan and Community Agreement. By selecting YES and providing your electronic signature, you are confirming that you and your child will abide by all health and safety protocols and our school principles in these two documents. Students will not be allowed on campus until this acknowledgment form is completed.

Questions about the Visitu app and check-in process? Contact our Director of Technology, Anne Marie Schar.

Questions about the Safe Return to School Plan and/or Community Agreement? Contact our Director of Communications, Charlene Prince Birkeland.