College Counseling

Mid-Pen's College Counseling program helps you develop a plan to create the life you want after you graduate from high school. Our Assistant Head of School and College Counselor Heidi Schiessler works with you, your Core teacher, and your family every step of the way. But it's you, the student, who drives this process because it's your path.

While every Dragon formally begins the college counseling process in the spring semester of junior year, Heidi welcomes questions and discussions with ninth graders and sophomores.

What can you expect from Mid-Pen during the College Admission Process?

  • Help planning a course of study in high school that will maximize your college admission options
  • An accurate high school transcript.
  • Advising  appropriate college entrance examinations to take, when to take them, and how to report scores to colleges.
  • Administering the PSAT to 10th and 11th graders.
  • Informing students via Core announcements and families via the school’s website of college representative visits to the school and in the community
  • Assistance  with the University of California and California State University system’s on-line applications
  • Review of private, out of state, and the common application before they are submitted
  • Written letters of recommendation
  • Submission of School Reports and Mid-Year Reports as required
  • Submission of  transcripts to colleges as directed by the student/parent.
  • Meeting with students and families in the spring or summer of junior year to identify colleges that match a student’s academic/test performance and individual preferences/needs
  • Providing students with grids, charts, and information that will assist the students in comparing colleges and keeping track of college deadlines and entrance requirements.
  • Review and comments on student/s personal statements/essays for colleges
  • Providing senior students and families with a grid of course/credit that a student must complete by the end of the fall and spring semesters in order to remain eligible for college admission.
  • Administering extended time SAT/ACT examinations to approved students
  • Open office hours for all seniors

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Assistant Head of School, College Counselor
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