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College Advising

Mid-Pen's College Advising program helps you develop a plan to create the life you want after you graduate from high school. Our Assistant Head of School and College Advisor Heidi Schiessler works with you, your Core teacher, and your family every step of the way. But it's you, the student, who drives this process because it's your path.

While every Dragon formally begins the college admissions process in the spring semester of junior year, Heidi welcomes questions and discussions with ninth graders and sophomores.

What can you expect from Mid-Pen during the College Admission Process?

Mid-Pen helps Dragons plan a course of study that will maximize your college admission options. We partner with you as you navigate your journey for life after Mid-Pen. From advising you about which college entrance exam you should take, helping you secure letters of recommendation from teachers, and walking you through the Common App,  all the way to exploring GAP year programs—we are here for you.

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Heidi Schiessler
Assistant Head of School, College Advisor
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