College Advising

Mid-Pen’s College Advising office helps you create and implement the college plan that fits your learning style and ambition.Together with Mid-Pen college advisor, Shelley Willig, students break down the complex college admission process beginning their junior year. As they start to research colleges, students remember what it was like to choose Mid-Pen as their high school! On campus and in the classroom, everyone at Mid-Pen is seen, encouraged, and supported. How we share and engage shapes an environment where we know everyone learns best. Choosing a Mid-Pen High School education is an intentional act. Students are saying “I fit here.” In the college admission process, Shelley guides and supports students to act with intention to refine their lists, present themselves in applications, and ultimately enroll in the best college for them. 

What can you expect from Mid-Pen during the College Admission Process?

9th & 10th Grade

Shelley knows that being engaged, hardworking high school students and community members is the best way for students to prepare for the college admission process. She supports 9th and 10th graders to do just that – to work hard in class, connect with teachers, to join clubs, try new things, and to go deep into their interests. She meets periodically with 10th grade students and families to share her experience and give a little look forward. 

11th & 12th Grade

Shelley knows every Mid-Pen student by the time they get to 11th grade, the year that they will work together in scheduled one-on-one, group, and family meetings, and anytime they want to pop into her office. They might even participate in one of her trips to visit colleges, or a summer essay writing workshop. Shelley is available to meet with students throughout the summer, and she leads a college application boot camp for seniors just days before the first day of school. 

With 35 students per grade, this type of regular, personalized working environment is central to the success of Mid-Pen’s college counseling office. 

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