College Prep, Less Stress

Teacher with students in the classroom

Course Offerings

The curriculum at Mid-Peninsula High School is designed to fulfill the educational requirements of our diverse population. We offer both college-preparatory classes and general secondary education classes. With an emphasis on individual development, our balanced curriculum grants each student access to the fundamentals of all academic disciplines, specialized areas of interest, coping, critical thinking skills, and constructive ways to express self. 

To meet the needs of all students at Mid-Peninsula, we must maintain a creative and responsive approach to academic programming. Even though our current offerings are already strong and broad-particularly for a school of this size- we are always seeking new ways to help our students succeed, whether in Core classes, electives, sports, or enrichment opportunities.


English Fundamentals

*English I/II

*English III/ IV

*Advanced Composition (Spring, Grade 12)

*Socratic Seminar

*Gender Studies


*Environmental Science


*Advanced Biology




Financial Literacy

Introduction to Algebra

*Algebra I, II

*Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry

*Honors Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry


Social Science

*World Studies I, II

*Honors World Studies

*U.S History

*Honors U.S History


 Human Relations

*British History

Foreign Language

*Spanish I, II

*Spanish III, IV

*American Sign Language I, II

 American Sign Language III, IV

Study Center

Academic Support/Study Skills

Driver Education



*Art II

*Digital Arts

*Drama II

Music Ensemble

Physical Education

Independent Student P.E

Team Sports

Weight Training

Office Aide

Peer Tutoring

*Studio Arts

Teacher Aide

Structured Study Center (Required Grade 9, First Semester)

SAT Prep (Spring, Grade 11)


*Music Theory

*Studio Ensemble

Online AP/High School Courses

Selected AP and other high school courses available online.