Mid-Pen Online

When the global pandemic forced us to close our campus in March 2020, we quickly moved to our distance learning program, Mid-Pen Online.

Mid-Pen Online offers our full academic and elective program, including music, and art, with virtual classes and social activities for our students. We even have online PE classes and after-school training for team sports. Our classes are synchronous, which means our teachers and students meet in online classrooms, learning and collaborating together. 

In line with Mid-Pen’s mission of students belonging with expert and compassionate teachers, the faculty and staff have taken professional development to enhance and improve our students’ online learning experience. Based on regular feedback from teachers, students, parents and guardians, we are able to adjust our distance learning program along the way. 

Our students' social emotional and mental health is as important as their academic learning, especially during a global pandemic. Our school counselor checks in regularly with our Dragons, and students meet with their Core teachers daily, with an extended Core group meeting once a week. These moments provide opportunities for our students to address challenges and find support through their teachers and classmates.

We encourage you to read our Distance Learning Handbook to learn our philosophy behind Mid-Pen Online.