Glossary of Mid-Pen Online Resources

Mid-Pen continues to explore new programs to provide helpful resources for our students.

Below you will find a list of some tools used regularly by teachers, though teachers may add different apps for their specific classrooms. 


Online scheduling software used by Mid-Pen teachers to organize virtual office hours meetings with students.


Mid-Pen’s online gradebook where students receive their assignments and can view their grades.

Google Suite

Mid-Pen uses Google Apps for education. Students are assigned a Google account for their Mid-Pen email address ( to communicate with faculty and staff, and also use Google Calendar.


Online grammar tool that helps students proofread all written communication, from emails to essays. Mid-Pen students have access to the premium version of Grammarly.

Read & Write

Literacy software that allows students that allows for text-to-speech of document along with online dictionaries, annotation, and more tools to support reading comprehension.


A mobile-messaging platform that allows students and faculty/staff to communicate via text.


Audio and video conferencing software that Mid-Pen uses for online teaching and virtual events.