Inspired Learning

Summer Session

Summer@Mid-Pen is an opportunity for Dragons to take an academic course, repair incomplete grades, or enroll in a class just for fun.

Summer@Mid-Pen 2021 will be held June 14 through July 9 with four week-long sessions on campus. Mid-Pen will continue to follow all health and safety protocols outlined in our COVID-19 Safety Plan. You can read more about our Daily Schedule and additional details about the program.

Students may sign up for one to four weeks of courses, one class per week, and have the opportunity to earn 2.5 credits every week of summer school. To earn a semester's worth of credit, a student would need to sign up for two consecutive weeks. To earn a year's worth of credit, a student would need to enroll in all four weeks. Any student taking a summer school course for Incomplete Repair will receive a Pass on their transcript. 

Incomplete Repair is only for students who received an F/Incomplete on their transcript. Students who successfully complete their summer school course for Incomplete Repair will receive a Pass on their transcript. Core teachers will share information with students during Student-Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences.

Independent Study requires approval by Summer Session Coordinator Michelle Boire.

Summer@Mid-Pen 2021 Course Offerings

Algebra 1 Preview

Students will explore the basics of Algebra 1 in advance of the fall semester.

America Pre-Revolution 

In this class, we will look at indigenous populations, colonizing powers, and those who came to the New World. We will see the development of the thirteen colonies, the Spanish main, pirates, and those who were already here. Come immerse yourself in the New World from 1492-1765. Students may take this course for World History credit.

American Studies: Pro Wrestling

Time for the Smackdown! In this class, we will study the connection between American culture and pro wrestling. We will follow American cultural traditions, storytelling, and the changing nature of what it means to be a hero. We will also look at business and financial trends in the United States. Oh yeah, and wrestling! Students may take this course for World History credit.

ASL Grammar and Basic Conversation

Focusing on grammatical differences between English and ASL, students learn topic/comment sentences, noun/adjective techniques, directional verb signs, and complex sentence structure. Basic conversational skills will also be used. This class is appropriate for students new to ASL.

ASL Incomplete Repair

Through children’s stories, students will learn vocabulary, descriptions, variations, facial expressions, and repetitive phrases necessary to draw young listeners into the story.

ASL Poetry and Music Translation

Students will learn how to translate music and poems in ASL.

Aviation Studies (Science)

Is it a bird, is it a plane/drone/helicopter/autogyro? Ever wondered how those tonnes of metal get up there and carry you to far off places and why do birds flap their wings? Come to this class to answer all those questions, make paper and other flying objects, try your hand at landing at some of the world’s busiest airports, see why careers in aviation are a wave of the future, and have fun while earning science  elective credits. 

Creative Writing 1

Express yourself through writing in this fun elective course! Each day will bring new writing prompts and a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you. You'll come away from the class with a portfolio of your work. Open to beginners and experienced writers! Creative Writing 1 is available for elective credit only.

Creative Writing 2

Gustave Flaubert wrote that “the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” In this course, we will do just that! Students will strengthen their own creative processes through writing exercises, workshops, and revision. Prerequisite: Creative Writing 1 or any summer creative writing class with Caitlin. Students may take this course for elective credit only. Prerequisite: CW 1 or instructor approval

College Essay Writing (Incoming Seniors Only)

This week-long course teaches students how to compose effective personal essays for post-high school applications. While this course focuses primarily on the standard personal essay for college admission, students can bring in specific prompts, such as requests for artist statements.

Deaf History - America vs. Zambia 

Students will learn what is different between American Deaf culture and Zambia Deaf culture. 

English/English Incomplete Repair

In this course, students will read short stories, poems, urban legends, and graphic novels to help improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. Through projects centered around analysis and writing, students will spend each week focused on a specific form. The central theme of this course is to find literature you enjoy to read and write while incorporating these skills into your own comics, poetry, and more!

History of Revolutions

Why do folks rebel? Let’s find out. Come check out five unique revolutions throughout history as we try and answer that question. These five revolutions will be diverse, distinct, and span the globe. Come challenge the system this summer! Students may take this course for World History credit.

Independent Study (Available for Science/Math and other subjects)

Must have approval from Summer School Coordinator before enrolling.   

Science Incomplete Repair

Students will make up grades from earlier in the school year. This will be with online classes and possibly in-person labs. Students must attend each day to get  the credit due and are expected to be present and work diligently.