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College Prep, Less Stress

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Tuition and Affordability

We encourage all interested families to apply.

We recognize that an independent school education is a significant financial commitment, an investment that lasts a lifetime. To ensure that Mid-Pen is affordable for all admitted students, we offer a robust Tuition Assistance program, which meets the needs of a wide range of financial circumstances. 

We use the School and Student Services (SSS) financial aid system to evaluate and process all tuition assistance applications. Each application is evaluated on a case-by-case base basis, using a holistic approach that considers every family’s unique financial situation. 

2019-20 Tuition and Fees

New Students
Tuition $41,096
Registration & Activities Fee $3,100

Returning Students:
Tuition $41,096
Activities Fee $1,850

International New Student
Tuition $46,634
Registration & Activities Fee $5,879

Returning International Student Tuition $46,634  
Activities Fee $1,850

Tuition and Registration Fee include: all instructional services, supplies, textbooks, materials, and normal guidance/counseling services.
Student Activity Fee includes: yearbook, athletic uniforms, computer/laptop resources, and transportation to school events.