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College Prep, Less Stress

Teacher with students in the classroom


Welcome to Mid-Peninsula High School!

We believe that all students belong in a school where they are known, appreciated, and supported by expert and compassionate teachers.

We are a college prep school that knows a high stakes, high stress environment takes away from how you learn, grow, and become vital members of a community. Our admissions team is eager to get to know you and your family as we work together to find the right school fit for your high school experience. 

Our website is a great way to get to know Mid-Pen, but nothing can compare to visiting us in person so you can see our classrooms in action, meet our extraordinary teachers, and truly feel what it's like to be a part of our tight-knit, supportive community.

Maybe you'll even visit on the same day as the cute puppies, who always bring smiles to our Dragons. 

We look forward to sharing our campus with you!

Important Dates

New Student Orientation