Nick Hinson ’17

My plan was built in reverse. I knew I was going to go to college, I just didn’t know when.

Nick Hinson ’17 

While at Mid-Pen, Nick was certain of three things: he wanted to travel, he loved history and music, and he didn’t know what he wanted to study in college or pursue as a career.  

After graduating from Mid-Pen, Nick deferred his admissions to the University of Portland and took a gap year. During his first “semester” of the gap year, he took part in the Dynamy internship program in Worcester, MA. He the did a semester-long world tour with Up with People, a performance program where participants learn a show and travel to perform it, all while staying with host families.

His experiences during his gap year helped him formulate a plan for his future. Nick was 18 and living on his own across the country from his family. His biggest success was finally understanding his interests. With his travel, he became passionate about community service, music, and politics. Nick is currently a sophomore, and is studying political science.  

His advice to Mid-Pen students?  “Just take a moment to enjoy where you are at this point in your life. You kind of forget what is when you worry about what’s coming. Find a good balance between planning for the future and when you graduate, but also enjoying your time at Mid-Pen while you have it?”