Sports should be about having fun...and more.

At Mid-Pen, we view sports as an opportunity for you to learn skills, form meaningful relationships, better understand the concepts of team play and sportsmanship and, hopefully, relate to sports and recreation as a means to a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer a well-rounded and competitive sports program for our student-athletes, who are well represented on all league teams. Our sports are are played at the varsity and JV level, and all students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate.  

And when we say "all students," we mean it. Mid-Pen has a "no-cut" policy; each and every Dragon who is interested in playing a sport can join a team. You can be very experienced or have no experience. Playing time is determined by practice and game attendance, attitude, and performance.

Update for 2020-2021 Athletics Season

Due to the global pandemic, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) announced that the 2020-2021 sports season will begin in December 2020 or January 2021. CIF divided the "year" into two sports seasons, and  the California Coast Section (CCS), which Mid-Pen resides in,  determined which sports will be played in each season. For Mid-Pen Athletics, co-ed soccer, girls volleyball, and co-ed cross country will take place in the winter, with basketball, tennis, and track and field moving to the spring. 

CCS is currently developing health and safety guidelines for pre-practice workouts, which can begin no earlier than December 14, 2020. Now that we have some insight into the planned seasons, we will begin evaluating pre-season practice spaces for our teams. Once we can resume our sporting activities, our priority will be protecting the health and safety of our students and coaches. 

It’s important to note that although CIF has determined the new sporting calendar, they will re-evaluate it throughout the fall. We are in unpredictable times and, unfortunately, all dates are subject to change based on guidelines at the local, state, and federal levels.


Mid-Pen has been a member in good standing of the Central Coast Section (CCS) since 1989. We compete in the Private School Athletic League (PSAL), a Division V League for schools with enrollments under 500. In order to compete in sports that PSAL doesn't offer like softball and track & field we sometimes join the West Bay Athletic League (WBAL) as a "supplemental member" for that particular season.

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