Sports should be about having fun...and more.

At Mid-Pen, we view sports as an opportunity for you to learn skills, form meaningful relationships, better understand the concepts of team play and sportsmanship and, hopefully, relate to sports and recreation as a means to a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer a well-rounded and competitive sports program for our student-athletes, who are well represented on all league teams. Our sports are are played at the varsity and JV level, and all students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate.  

And when we say "all students," we mean it. Mid-Pen has a "no-cut" policy; each and every Dragon who is interested in playing a sport can join a team. You can be very experienced or have no experience. Playing time is determined by practice and game attendance, attitude, and performance.


Mid-Pen provides van transportation to away events. If parents want to drive athletes separately, they must sign the following release form. 

Release Form to Drive Athletes


Mid-Pen has been a member in good standing of the Central Coast Section (CCS) since 1989. We compete in the Private School Athletic League (PSAL), a Division V League for schools with enrollments under 500. 

NAIS Principles of Good Practice - Athletics