Why Give?

Mid-Pen is a small school by design, but one that offers big-school programs.

Unfortunately, tuition covers only about 80 percent of the cost of educating our students. So when you give to Mid-Pen, you are ensuring the value of a small school education without giving up “big” opportunities for our students. 


The DragonFund is the cornerstone of Mid-Pen’s yearly fundraising efforts. With the vast majority of the school’s budget going to faculty salaries and benefits, the DragonFund supports all those other things that are essential to the Mid-Pen experience. Gifts to the DragonFund are unrestricted and help to pay for many of our programs and resources, including:

  • Professional development for our outstanding teachers so that they remain current with the best teaching practices in their fields.
  • Regular technology upgrades so that students and teachers have access to up-to-date technology that enhances the classroom learning experience.
  • Field trips, athletic teams, and a full slate of student activities, worthy of a much larger school.
  • A network of student support so that all student are empowered to realize their full potential as learners and people.

Your donation, when added to those of other Mid-Pen parents, trustees, alumni and friends, has a significant impact on the school. Your participation encourages others to give, helps the school access sources of funds outside the community, and demonstrates that the Mid-Pen community is committed to the school, its mission, and its students. 

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Mid-Pen has a deep and longstanding commitment to diversity. Our tuition is already lower than many of our peer schools in the area, and we have a robust flexible tuition program, so that a Mid-Pen education can be accessible to as many families as possible. Gifts to the Flex Tuition Fund offset the more than $1 million of tuition assistance provided to parents who are committed to a Mid-Pen education for their child but cannot pay full tuition. We currently offer financial assistance to approximately one-third of our families.


A healthy endowment provides a solid financial base for a school and ensures its future financial health, much as a savings account does for a family. Endowment principal remains intact as the school spends a portion of the interest income. 

Large colleges and universities have huge endowments that generate millions of dollars of income each year. Mid-Pen’s $3 million endowment is much more modest, though the school hopes to grow its endowment to the point that it will eventually be a significant source of income and can help provide a measure of financial security for the school over the long term.  

A gift to the endowment is an investment in the future of Mid-Pen.  It will continue to make a difference, touching the lives of hundreds of students and teachers, for many years to come.

Mid-Peninsula High School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Tax ID # is 94-2693417.

Parent contributions carry great significance no matter the amount. DragonFund participation is an outward metric that shows our inward resolve and belief in our school. It is a great source of pride for Mid-Pen and a wonderful signal for prospective families and foundations as to how strong, supportive, and connected we are as a parent community. 

Please join the 86% of parents who last year supported the DragonFund. No gift is too small – and no gift is too large!