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Mid-Pen Alumnus Gives Inspiring Performance

Emmett Performance  

Since graduating from Mid-Pen last year, Emmett Rodriguez has been immersed in ballet study at Atlantic City Ballet in New Jersey. Emmett already had a reputation as a ballet superstar in the Mid-Pen community, thanks to the many times he shared his gifts with us at talent shows and Night of the Arts events. But after taking his craft to the next level, he felt impelled to return to his alma mater to share how he’s been soaring to new heights since graduation.

After talking in front of the school about his life after Mid-Pen, Emmett launched into two stunning routines. His last routine, set to the song Bohemian Rhapsody, told a story through choreography—a story that Emmett later shared was inspired by the recent passing of his grandfather. A number that was emotionally moving in its own right became even more so after we learned more about Emmett’s inspiration.

Emmett graciously stayed around after his performance to share his insight into his craft with his former schoolmates. For our kids, life after high school can be hard to imagine. Having Emmett speak with our current kids about how he is pursuing his passions after Mid-Pen was a perfect way to make the abstract just a little more real. And for that, Emmett, we thank you! Please dance our way again soon!