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Valentines, Talent, and Pasta

 Talent Show
Could there be a better trio than Valentine’s Day, Mid-Pen talent, and a big pasta lunch? We think not! And that’s why we make bringing these elements together an annual affair. This year, we were treated to musical performances, comedy skits, spoken word, and ASL interpretive dance, with a healthy heaping of food and a chocolate fountain.
Rachel Kirkwood (’17) and Ryan Burton (’18) MC’d the event, a job that takes both talent and courage. Ryan was particularly busy seeing as he danced and signed in the ASL interpretive dance troupe in addition to playing both bass and drums with different musical ensembles. Ryan is such an all-around talent. He’s also a junior, which means we’ll still get to enjoy his talents next year.
Nick Hinson (’17) also got a lot of stage time. He is currently one of Mid-Pen’s most prominent lead singers, made even more impressive because he plays guitar while signing—he also played an original number. With Nick graduating this year, we are happy to see a new cohort of lead signers on the rise, including Emma Marek (’20), 
Jeannessa Lurie (’19), and Emilee Camenzind (’18)—all three put on great performances today! Sadly though, we may only get a handful of inspiring vocal performances from Julia Gold (’17) because, like Nick, she will be moving on from Mid-Pen after this year. As always, Julia wrings every emotional nuance out of the songs she chooses to play for us. 
Rebecca Newman (’19), Madison Trembley (’19), and Nathan Cooper (’19) added variety to the show by giving dramatic performances. Rebecca and Madison teamed up for a comedy skit, after which Rebecca went solo on a rap project based on her life experience. Nathan also got personal with his spoken word performance, which meshed nicely with Mid-Pen’s core values of acceptance and kindness. 
If you’re interested in seeing some of these performances, just go to our Facebook page where you’ll be able to view video that we live-streamed earlier in the day. It’s just our way of opening a small window into one of our most cherished traditions at Mid-Pen. Happy Valentine’s Day!