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Spring Service: and the Future of Service at Mid-Pen

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Service is such a longstanding tradition at Mid-Pen that you could say it’s in our DNA. With our core values of Respect, Kindness, Acceptance, and Responsibility, performing service for our local communities is practically a natural outcome. While service is the logical outcome of our core values, we are always looking for new ways to serve and educate our children.

This year, we served eight local agencies during our Spring Service Day: Sacred Heart, Hidden Villa, Ecumenical Hunger Program, Full Circle Farms, National Facility for Equine Facilitated Services, Deer Hollow, Square Peg Ranch, and Grassroots Ecology. These agencies gave our kids the opportunity to help serve those in need of food and clothing, work to restore our local environment, and contribute to organizations that provide therapeutic services that address a diversity of needs for our local population.

Our service Director and Spanish teacher, Jon Austin, says, “While our service program is stronger than ever, we’re always looking for ways to refine our service mission.” John continues, “We’re currently looking at how we can implement more and more service learning at Mid-Pen. Learning has always been part of our service experience, but now we want to tie service even closer to our curriculum. In other words, how can our curriculum seamlessly lead into a service project, and how can a service project inform our curriculum?”

As we work to weave service into our DNA even more, we are mindful that service provides a wealth of opportunities for our kids to learn new skills, stretch their boundaries, and become more aware of the complexity and connectedness of our world. Yes, service is a way to give to our community. But perhaps the greatest service we can perform for our community is to graduate students who not only give their time and energy with their hearts, but also know how to smartly and responsibly identify where they are needed so they can take the DNA of our Mid-Pen community wherever it is most needed in the world.